Nice to meet you

Hi, I'm Elizabeth (/Lizzy). I am a student working towards a master of science in biology. Additionally, I am a photographer. My drive to become a better photographer stemmed from my animal obsession and career goals. As a graduate biologist in training, I believe that capturing quality photos is an invaluable form of scientific communication.

My first photos were almost always of my dogs, my horse, and nature. I learned the basics of photography mostly by following around my two Labrador retrievers. Eventually, I left for college in Kentucky and began my journey as a biology major/equine minor. I spent countless hours in the barn. Here I curated my equine photographic style, which then began to expand beyond the doors of my university equestrian center. Additionally, I began photographing real estate properties for my boss at Century 21 over the summers. For five years I worked summer and winter breaks at Century 21 and now have a myriad of real estate experience. With the traffic I received from real estate and horses, eventually I received portrait inquiries. I now have countless examples of portrait, equine, and real estate on my galleries.

Recently I began graduate school, and now many of my goals revolve around research. I plan on expanding my macro portfolio in 2022, and hopefully coauthoring a few papers along the way. Currently, I am working on a few projects developing and validating environmental DNA primers for various Ambystomatids across Kentucky and Tennessee. I hope to incorporate metabarcoding techniques in the future. More information related to this can be found on my ResearchGate account.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we have a sweet baby Labrador retriever named Callie. It is not uncommon to find photos of our family adventures on my socials and in my galleries. If you'd like to keep up with my photography, my research, or just my general life happenings; you're in the right place!

PS: the above photo is by Lauren Tyler Photography; if you're looking for a wedding photographer, hit her up!

Matthew and I on our wedding day. Click the photo to see our wedding blog! Photo by Lauren Tyler Photography

My mare, Precious, and I at a sorting event. I've had Precious since I was 15 years old!

Callie, my Labrador retriever. Callie is a working line Lab who competes in dock diving events and has 3 dog beds to herself.